Practices Can Contribute To Your Success Or Misery
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Practices Can Contribute To Your Success Or Misery

” Why aren’t individuals effective in life? I can inform you it’s due to habitual practices that lessen their likelihood of lasting success. Relying on what they are, our habits will either make or damage us. We become what we repeatedly do.” Sean Covey

The dictionary states that practice is a regimen of actions; it’s a hard way of assuming something. So if I have a habit of running every morning, working out, and consuming well-balanced meals daily to keep my mind and body healthy and sharp, those are great routines. On the other hand, if I smoke cigarettes or vape every day, which creates harm and many conditions to my body and lessens my health, then cigarette smoking is a negative behavior.

I have a saying, “It’s not what you are that grasps you back; it’s what you assume you are not that holds you back.” We have complete control over our destiny, yet we don’t seek it. The start of a habit is what you absorb in your mind every min of the day. Those ideas, dreams, or visions become part of your subconscious and form these behaviors. “We become what we think of” every day. Your mind is the total of the habits and thoughts that enter your subconscious. Those thoughts are put into action, and those activities become routines. Sounds basic, yet why aren’t individuals successful in life?

John Dryden states, “We first make our practices, and then our habits make us.”

Practices Can Contribute To Your Success Or Misery

” If you do not, such as the results you see every day, after that, transform it. Your practices will establish your future.” – Jack Canfield.

So, if you like where you are going, stay on the path. Otherwise, then alter your direction. I have three recommendations.

Read books that will influence you, encourage you, and provide you with purpose. For example, I reviewed the Scriptures (chapters in Sayings and the text Psalm). Read Think and Grow Abundant by Napoleon Hillside and The 15 Vital Regulations of Development by John C. Maxwell. Digest these products day and night. It would help to deliberately put the pure, the effective, and the purposeful into your subconscious. Finally, listen to successful people and study how they form successful habits.
Surround on your own with influential individuals. There’s a statement, “You are the standard of the five individuals you associate with.” If you spend time with highly encouraged and successful people, after that, it will undoubtedly rub off on you. “Remember, your organization identifies your destination.” – Myles Monroe.
If you cannot alter your behaviors, sign up with a men’s or ladies’ team that not just uplifts you but will certainly hold you liable.